Weekly Meal Plan

Well, here goes my attempt at jumping back onto the meal planning bandwagon! (I’m listing last Friday to this Friday, since I made the plan on Friday.)

Friday 15
Supper: asian salmon with wild rice
Saturday 16
Breakfast/Lunch: breakfast wraps, sweet potato hashbrowns & bacon
Supper: spaghetti with meatballs (I’m still experimenting with meatball recipes, didn’t love the texture of the ones I tried but it was still tasty!)
Sunday 17
after church meal with Mark’s family
Monday 18
Lunch: leftover meatball sandwiches (Mark), salad (Jessica)
Supper: curried chicken with rice
Tuesday 19
Lunch: smokies (Mark), leftovers or salad (Jessica)
Supper: eat at Mark’s parents’ house before youth
Wednesday 20
Lunch: deli meat sandwiches (Mark), soup & sandwich (Jessica)
Supper: smokies (Mark), salad wraps (Jessica) (I work late this night, so Mark is on his own!)
Thursday 21
Lunch: deli meat sandwiches (Mark), salad wraps (Jessica)
Supper: burgers (I will post my recipe in the future… so good!)
Friday 22
Lunch: leftover burgers
Supper: salmon pesto pasta

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