Weekly Meal Plan

Saturday 6
Breakfast/Lunch: ham and cheese omelettes (with leftover Easter ham)
Supper: went out to supper to celebrate Mark’s upcoming convocation
Sunday 7
Meal with Mark’s family after church
Monday 8
Lunch: leftover lasagna from last week
Supper: curried chicken strips with rice
Tuesday 9
Lunch: ham buns (Mark), noodles (Jessica)
Supper: eat at Mark’s parents’ house before youth
Wednesday 10
Lunch: Caesar salad wraps
Supper: salmon pesto salmon
Thursday 11
Lunch: smokies (Mark), Caesar salad wraps (Jessica)
Supper: Chicken Dijon (recipe to come!)
Friday 12
Lunch: smokies (Mark), leftovers (Jessica)
Supper: Crispy Cheddar Chicken

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